Overcoming Dental Phobias with the Help of Anesthesia

It isn’t breaking news that a decent amount of the population here in the United States gets more than a little nervous when thinking about visiting the dentist. But a lot of people aren’t aware of the fact that nearly 15% of all Americans suffer from serious dental phobias, sometimes so significant that they don’t even seek out the care they need to protect their smile.

This kind of approach inevitably leads to these individuals needing even more significant dental care and oral surgery, which only exacerbates their phobia – and the cycle repeats over and over.

Thankfully though, the experts at Stanislaus Oral Surgery and Implantology are able to help those with dental phobias overcome these issues with the help of anesthesia and sedation solutions. Even the most apprehensive of dental patients will be able to get through intense and invasive procedures without any fear or concern thanks to the services provided here.

Understanding Dental Fears and Phobias

Dental professionals believe that somewhere close to 75% of the US population suffers from at least mild fear of the dentist, with (as we highlighted above) 15% or so of the US population suffering from a legitimate dental phobia.

This means that millions and millions of people in the country aren’t getting the dental care they need because they are afraid of doing so. This leads to a decline in their dental health, necessitating even more significant care, kicking fear into high gear – and causing them to deal with a vicious cycle that devastates their smile and their health.

Can Anesthesia Really Help?

The good news is that when you deal with oral health professionals like those here at Stanislaus Oral Surgery and Implantology you’ll never have to worry about your fears and anxieties preventing you from leveraging legitimate oral care solutions.

With the help of anesthesia and sedation you’ll be able to go through even the most invasive procedures without a care in the world, all while enjoying top-quality dental health solutions performed by experts in the field that can restore and rejuvenate your smile while you are under.

Different types of anesthesia and sedation are available, ranging from local anesthesia that numbs your mouth before you undergo a dental procedure to more significant sedation solutions that “knock you out” from start to finish – having you wake up with the procedure completed and no memory of the process at all.

If you’d like to learn a little bit more about whether or not you are an ideal candidate for anesthesia or sedation dental services, or if you’d like to learn more about how these kinds of services may help you overcome dental fears and phobias, we encourage you to contact us directly.

The professionals at Stanislaus Oral Surgery and Implantology are trained and experienced at deploying these kinds of solutions in a wide variety of applications. There’s no reason for your smile to suffer when modern dental options like these exist to alleviate your fears completely.

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